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Welcome to Pat Art Restoration. We are located in Santa Barbara.

“Pat Lopez has been doing my restoration work for close to 20 years. She is the best restorer I have ever used. She is particularly good with problematic jobs. She is in a class of her own on working on Spanish colonial art, santos, paintings, and retablos, and is fast and reliable, with fair prices. I have had a lot of experience with other restorers and it is always annoying to have to listen to them explain how complicated and difficult the job is. With Pat, she just figures it out and gets it done.” – Michael Haskell, Owner, Michael Haskell Antiques, Montecito, California.

Services. We provide quality restoration and conservation of oil paintings, wood objects, chest / trunks, santos, retablos, candlesticks, leather and wood painted screens, decorative panels, furniture, and gold leaf water gilding.

Oil paintings/ retablos. We consolidate and stabilize paint, clean smoke damage, mend holes and tears, fill in losses, inpaint, and varnish.

Santos / virgins / angels/ figures / statues / cherubs / blackamoor /candlesticks / frames /wood objects. We specialize in Spanish Colonial / Italian / Mexican. We clean, repair damage, and replace and cast missing parts. We match with detail the original colors, texture, and finish. Our techniques include: sgraffito, estofado, egg tempera and if needed, we can water gild with gold, silver or copper leaf, and age the new leaf to match the original object. Our gilding step materials include hide glue, gesso, bole/clay and 22K gold leaf.

Frames / chest / trunks. We clean and remove any layers of over-paint, consolidate deteriorating surface, reinforce structure, replace and cast missing decorative designs, pieces, or broken corners. If needed, we can water gild with gold or silver leaf, and age the new leaf to match the original frame. We also can restore pieces with bone, shell and mother of pearl inlay.

Leather and wood painted screens/ decorative panels / tables. We clean layers of dirt and varnish, and inpaint missing pattern designs or figures.

We supply antique mirrors.

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